K.I.S.S. Keeping It Simple Soap



All Bath Bombs discontinued exfoliating Fragrance Free handmade soap Lip Balm Lotion Bars made w/essential oils made w/fragrance oils New On Sale secret surprise in the middle shampoo bar wash cloths


  • " I highly recommend the lip balms! I won't go back to the store stuff!"
    Sandra B
    Antrim, NH
  • "I use this soap everyday - the only problem is deciding which scent to use next! :)"
    Kristina O.
    Dublin, NH
  • "Sugarleaf is my absolute favorite. However, Apples and Acorns follow close behind. Actually, I love just smelling all of them. (Campfire soap is quite the novelty too!) My h..."
    Satisfied Frequent Buyer

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